Our policies and procedures tell you about how Playgroup is run and what it should do in specific situations. They are available here so that you know what to expect from us and can be used to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Just click on a link to download the policy. We also have a policies and procedures folder on site, which is available to view on request, or we can email or print out specific policies if wanted.

The policies have all been agreed by the Management Committee and are all reviewed and updated at least annually, or more frequently, if needed.

Additional Support Needs Policy
Admissions Policy
Behaviour Policy and Physical Intervention Risk Assessment
Complaints Procedure and Policy
Curriculum Policy
Diet Policy
Early Years Pupil Premium Spending Policy
Emergency or Temporary Closure Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy
Funding and Fee-Paying Policy
Fire Drill Procedure
Health, Safety and Hygiene, Accidents and Medication Policy and Procedure
Lost or Uncollected Child Policy
Outings Policy
Record Keeping, Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedure
Selecting Toys, Equipment and Resources Policy
Settling in Policy
Social Media Policy
Staffing, Employment and Development Policy
Students Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Working with Parents and Carers Policy
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Risk Assessment