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Penhill Playgroup
Guide Hall
5 Penhill Road
West Sussex
BN15 8HA
Tel. 01903 767513
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How you can help your child at home

Supporting your child’s Personal and Social Development

Helping Build Confidence:

  • Listen carefully to what your child is telling you.
  • Show your child that you respect their views and their efforts. (Take interest in and comment on their paintings, drawings, models etc.)
  • Show your child that they are special to you.

Supporting Behaviour:

  • Be consistent in how you expect your child to behave.
  • Try not to be overly hard or overly indulgent with your child.
  • Remember to give praise and attention to your child’s good behaviour .

Aiding Independence:

  • Encourage your child to be personally independent (e.g. dressing, washing, toileting).
  • Give your child choice in his/her daily routines (e.g. choosing which cereal for breakfast, clothes to wear, which walk to take).
  • Give your child choices in how he/she uses his/her time at home.

Developing Social Skills:

  • Allow your child to meet and socialize with other children during the week.
  • Invite other children to play with your child at home.
  • Visit other people’s homes.

Encouraging Tolerance and Interest in others:

  • Help your child learn about the similarities and differences of others (e.g. from people within your neighbourhood , books, pictures and television).
  • Talk to your children about celebrations important to your family and festivals celebrated by others.

Encouraging care for the environment:

  • Help your child care for growing things (e.g. through having his/her own patch of garden/window box, providing food for the birds, helping him/her care for a pet).
  • Help your child become responsible for keeping the environment tidy (e.g. picking up litter in the park, at the seaside).

Above all, show your child that you really enjoy being with them. Unconditional love is the greatest gift you can give your child, and it costs nothing!

Keeping In Touch

To keep you fully informed, we have the following ways of passing on information:

NoticeBoard - This is regularly updated and contains a copy of our Registration Certificate, Liability Insurance details, the latest newsletter, notices, themes etc.

Newsletter - Issued regularly and at least each half term, this gives details of news, themes, events, fundraising activities and term dates. If you would like it emailed to you, please let us know. The latest newsletter can also be accessed on the website click here

Website -This contains copies of recent newsletters, term dates and other useful information.

Facebook - Gives details of activities and events and our theme for the week, along with photos of some of our activities and crafts. The comments are turned off, except during the Coronavirus closure, when it is open and monitored twice a week.

Open Sessions - We hold one open session each term, which gives you the opportunity to come and spend time with your child in the setting, seeing what they get up to and being able to look through their Leaning Journal and have the opportunity to contribute to your child's learning journey. Staff are also on hand to discuss any issues or concerns you may have and to talk through your child's development with you.

Parents Folder - This is available every day the setting is open, for parents to look through. It contains information about the setting, copies of staff qualifications, all the setting's policies, details about the committee, as well as useful information and leaflets about children's development in all areas of learning, which you may find useful, in order to support your child at home.