We are pleased to announce that we have spaces available for the 15 hours Free Entitlement for 2, 3 and 4 year olds, from September 2021 and can offer up to 15 hours of Extended Free Entitlement.
If you are interested in a space for your child, or would like to have a look around, please contact Katie on 01903 767513 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


"I really appreciate Penhill for being the most fun-loving early education setting any child could have...you have played a massive part in my family's life" Parent, July 2020


" I love going to the park", Child Leaver 2021


"My boys really enjoyed their time here. Staff are absolutely amazing and have made such a huge impact on their lives and helped to bring both boys out of their shell. Thank you." Parent, July 2021


"I love it all" Child Leaver, 2021


 "We love how welcoming the staff always are" Parent, July 2021

 "Playing with my friends makes me happy at (play)school" Child Leaver 2021


"Thank you for making Penhill such a lovely setting. It is the only nursery (my child) has really enjoyed being at. (His) confidence has really grown since he has been with you" Parent, 2020

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Penhill Playgroup is OFSTED inspected and a Registered Provider under the West Sussex County Council Early Childhood Service for Free Entitlement (Early Years Provision) for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. We can accommodate up to 30 children per session aged between two and a half and five years old.The children are cared for by qualified staff with a ratio of one staff member to eight children for 3 and 4 year olds and one staff member to four children for 2 year olds.

At Penhill Playgroup, we aim to make pre-school fun and to equip the children with the necessary skills of caring and sharing, learned through interaction with other children.

 A wide range of activities are offered to satisfy curious minds, including painting, water play, glueing, playdough, chalking, crayoning, sand pit, role-play, and many creative projects. We aim to encourage children to explore and learn through play and direction using equipment provided. There is a home corner to give children an opportunity for imaginative play and children are encouraged to use the book corner. There is time set aside daily for songs, rhymes and stories and on most fine days the children spend time outside with a variety of tricycles and wheeled toys, to develop gross motor skills.

Local Offer
Under the SEN Code of Practice 2014, please  click here to view the Penhill Playgroup Local Offer.


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Playgroup Risk Assessment (updated September 2021)
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Stay and Play Risk Assessment (updated September 2021)


Newsletter September 2021








During your child's last two terms with us (Summer and Spring terms before starting school), they will be invited to join our afternoon outings, which usually take place on a Thursday afternoon during term time. Most children attend all day on a Thursday, bringing a packed lunch with them, which we sit and eat together before going out.

Initially our visits tend to be short, local ones to the Church, Post box and local sensory garden, but we gradually increase them to include the beach, lots of local parks and in pre-Covid times, the shops and bus and train journeys to Brighton, Shoreham, Southwick and Worthing.

These outings provide us with the valuable opportunity to observe the children outside the setting and engage the children with their local community. Many children may not have travelled on a bus or train before and these experiences will widen each child's understanding of the world and community in which they live.

Previously, visits have included Shoreham Lifeboat Station, Brighton Railway Station, Worthing Museum, Splashpoint Park, Marlipins Museum, local shops and libraries, the vet, Wot a Mess, helping Keep Lancing Lovely with a litter pick at the beach and most importantly, we try and take the children to visit Seaside Primary School several times, so that the children become familiar with the Reception classrooms and play areas before starting school.

Even if your child is not planning to attend Seaside Primary, it is still good for them to experience a school environment, which is why we encourage all our older children to attend these sessions, if possible.

We spend some Thursday afternoons at the hall and may have visitors in or use the afternoon to provide specific school readiness activities, focusing on phonics, maths and physical skills. Our summer Sports Day afternoon is usually a big hit too, with a variety of team games and races, including the egg and spoon, relay races, dressing up races and tray carrying races! The staff and children get very competitive over which team will win!



Our policies and procedures tell you about how Playgroup is run and what it should do in specific situations. They are available here so that you know what to expect from us and can be used to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Just click on a link to download the policy. We also have a policies and procedures folder on site, which is available to view on request, or we can email or print out specific policies if wanted.

The policies have all been agreed by the Management Committee and are all reviewed and updated at least annually, or more frequently, if needed.

Additional Support Needs Policy
Admissions Policy
Behaviour Policy and Physical Intervention Risk Assessment
Complaints Procedure and Policy
Curriculum Policy
Diet Policy
Early Years Pupil Premium Spending Policy
Emergency or Temporary Closure Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy
Funding and Fee-Paying Policy
Fire Drill Procedure
Health, Safety and Hygiene, Accidents and Medication Policy and Procedure
Lost or Uncollected Child Policy
Outings Policy
Record Keeping, Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedure
Selecting Toys, Equipment and Resources Policy
Settling in Policy
Social Media Policy
Staffing, Employment and Development Policy
Students Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Working with Parents and Carers Policy
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Risk Assessment





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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.